Prescribing a healthy dose of data

Fullscript is an emerging healthcare platform that has won the attention of new practitioners across North America with the help of Clue Digital's programmatic platform. Our partnership saw a 6.5x increase in monthly accounts created at 3.8x lower cost.


The Story

Fullscript is a free online wellness dispensary and patient adherence tool that helps practitioners source and supply top-quality supplements to their patients, automate refills, and manage their holistic care.

Although Fullscript had been successful growing their customer base through Google and Facebook platforms, they needed a partner to scale customer acquisition outside of the duopoly. Partnering with Clue Digital, Fullscript was able to connect with elusive healthcare practitioners across the open web.


The Solution

The Clue Digital pixel was fully integrated into the Fullscript website, allowing us to connect their first party data to our graph and cluster their audiences for deeper analysis.

Our research discovered the types of healthcare practitioners, from chiropractors to nurses to doctors, who were more likely to create an account. We found additional insight by looking at the locations of those practitioners and the unique acquisition journey that happened over multiple visits to site and multiple devices.

With this new knowledge, we realized that many ad interactions would be needed to convert our audience. Together, we leveraged multi-touch attribution to measure the effectiveness of programmatic.

As our campaign media data came in with early success, we wanted to reiterate and improve performance over time. Clue Digital crafted a model that would help identify the features of a successfully placed ad and score those features in a list of pricing rules that our DSP could follow to make each bid unique to its chance of success.

By breaking out the different aspects of targeting like device type, publisher, ad message, audience segment, location and daypart into unique attributes and measuring their likelihood to generate a conversion, we were able to squeeze maximum value out of Fullscript’s media investment and provide impactful results.

Our Results

Healthy data habits lead to healthy results

Clue Digital supplemented Fullscript’s acquisition program with a programmatic strategy that delivered results:

0 x

increase in monthly accounts attributed to programmatic ads

0 x

lower on-target CPM

0 x

lower cost per acquisition

What We Delivered

Audience Discovery and Planning

Programmatic Media

Custom Bidding Model

Multi-touch Attribution

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