Helping commuters change lanes

The Canadian Automobile Association and 123w, Small Agency of the Year in 2021, chose Clue Digital as their media partner and saw a 7.2% lift in message awareness and 2.5x increase in new website visitors during their campaign.


The Story

CAA is a Canadian multi-regional not-for-profit automobile association responsible for providing roadside assistance, auto touring and leisure travel services, insurance services, and member discount programs within their service territories.

Partnering with their creative agency, 123w, they wanted to promote an informative message about cycling safety across Canada. ‘Share The Road’ was a humorous take on the harmony cyclists and motorists could achieve if they considered each other more in their daily commute.

To create impact and reach as many Canadians as possible, 123w collaborated with Clue Digital to find the right audience and amplify the message.


The Solution

Clue Digital analyzed search trend data, social affinity data, and contextualized browsing data to develop a snapshot of the demographics, devices, websites, apps and Canadian regions where daily commuting cyclists and drivers would be most likely found. Combining this data with CAA’s media and website visitor behavioural data, we delivered audience reach and performance guarantees that exceeded the targets set by the Canadian government.

123w’s brilliant campaign was strengthened by our media strategy that encompassed Facebook, YouTube, and programmatic.

Ad exposure was tied to visits to the site and audience surveys verified the effectiveness of the campaign. With a strong creative message and a strategic media plan, we created a winning combination.

Our Results

Moving daily commuters towards change

By partnering with Clue Digital, CAA and 123w successfully delivered their message of harmony to motorists and cyclists alike. The automobile services group saw the following results:

0 %

increase in incremental message awareness

0 %

increase in incremental consumer favorability

0 x

increase in daily net new site visitors

0 %

lower cost per click

What We Delivered

Audience Discovery and Planning

Programmatic Advertising

Social Advertising

Brand Lift Measurement

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