Battling unprecedented change

BATL, the pioneers of urban axe throwing, collaborated with Clue Digital to increase the speed of identifying and applying market insights to their media campaigns. In our time working together, BATL saw a 300% increase to monthly bookings.


The Story

BATL, Backyard Axe Throwing League, owns and manages 18 venues across the US and Canada. As the founders of the sport of urban axe, they have hosted over 2 million guests since they opened their doors.

BATL has accumulated a strong following by historically relying on digital media to generate fandom, visits, and bookings. In 2020, BATL was met with a new challenge as COVID impacted their business and the way they were measuring and optimizing media campaigns didn’t allow them to monitor and dress regional challenges with speed and accuracy.

Clue Digital’s measurement and reporting tools allowed BATL to identify regional opportunities and competitors quickly to ensure they maximized ROI for each dollar spent on media.


The Solution

The project started with a first-party data audit before our team quickly connected website bookings and on-site purchases (through their point of sale systems) to different ad environments that drove demand. Our targeted channels included search, social media platforms, and programmatic media.

We used our graph to conduct an audience analysis and noticed changes to the core consumer profile that could be addressed through creative messaging and targeting strategy.

The BATL leadership team was onboarded to Magnify and given direct access to data that helped them monitor changing markets, adapt quickly, and mitigate risk for their investments.

Even with the unexpected challenge of COVID, Clue Digital’s performance team was able to deliver fantastic results.

Our Results

Metrics that didn’t miss

With Magnify, Clue Digital and BATL collaboratively implemented a new system to identify opportunities and achieve results. To date, BATL has improved the following:

0 x

increase in monthly bookings

0 x

increase in monthly new site visitors

0 %

return on ad spend

0 %

lower cost per booking

What We Delivered

First-Party Data Strategy and Technology Enablement

Media Partner of Record - Programmatic, Social, Search

Rich Media Creative Development

Analytics and Measurement Partner of Record

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