Branching into digital marketing

Mariner Finance partnered with Clue Digital to make digital media as accountable as in-branch sales. By injecting new thinking and technology into their business, Clue Digital was able to increase the monthly loans attributed to digital ads by 320%.

Mariner Finance

The Story

Mariner Finance is a consumer finance company that provides creative, flexible, and convenient lending options—driven by the principle that superior customer service is key to building lasting relationships. Mariner has traditionally relied on offline means to grow their business by using in-branch sales, direct mail, and affiliate partnerships. They needed a digital partner that could go beyond delivering ads by helping them establish a long term practice that would scale their customer base with the same accountability as a sales team.

Mariner Finance

The Solution

Great media results start with an intelligent data and measurement strategy. Our first challenge was bridging the gap between ad traffic, online applications, and loan authorization at each branch. Clue Digital partnered with Mariner’s marketing and engineering leadership to develop a reliable data practice and measurement methodology to tie new customer accounts within Mariner’s databases to ad exposure across an expanding list of media environments.

Customers were segmented into value clusters using the Clue Digital Data graph. With a clear picture of the demographics, occupations, and motivations of their most valuable accounts, we indexed ad channels by their likelihood to have audiences of similar interests and needs, culminating in a successful strategy plan.

With a better understanding of the Mariner consumer journey and a holistic media plan to target them, we were able to scale their campaign with confidence, achieving spectacular results.

Our Results

Raising the bottom line

From Clue Digital’s automated reporting platform, Magnify, we were able to capture the following results with Mariner’s marketing team:

0 x

increase in monthly funded loans from media

0 x

lower cost per acquisition

0 %

net return on ad spend

0 %

increase in average loan value

What We Delivered

First-Party Data Strategy and Technology Enablement

Media Partner of Record - Programmatic, Social, Search

Analytics and Measurement Partner of Record

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